A birthday celebration, especially one held in an amazing city like New York, has all the potential to be one of the greatest experiences of your life. Getting a group of your friends together and taking on the town in celebration of your big day is a great way to make memories and start your new year of life off right. The first step of planning your amazing birthday celebration in New York City is to book a chauffeured limousine or party bus. Not only will you have a chauffeur to handle all of the crazy city driving and parking, you and your friends can indulge with full confidence that you have a safe ride home at the end of the night.

New York City, not surprisingly, has a slew of amazing bars and unusual hangouts to keep things rolling into the wee hours on the day of your birth, and we’ve listed a few of our favorites below.


The name is a clever take on the old phrase “one of a kind,” and once you get inside this central-Chelsea hotspot, you’ll see why they call it that. The interior is a mix of worldliness and elegance, there’s always a DJ spinning the hottest dance tracks, and the drinks are stout. It’s a great spot to meet New Yorkers or fellow out of towners who want to soak up some world-class atmosphere and enjoy some amazing cocktails.


This New York hotspot is the brainchild of perennial partier and businessman, Robert “Toshi” Chan, who became famous for throwing amazing parties during his early days in New York City. If music, amazing drinks, a dynamic crowd, and a rooftop bar aren’t enough to convince you to bring your birthday festivities to the Living Room, you might be better off just staying home.


If you love beer and you love bowling, why not bring both of them to your birthday celebration? This Williamsburg, Brooklyn location will let you indulge in fine drinks and brews all night long, while you show off your skills at nine-pin. They’re also open until 4 am, so whether you want to park it at the Gutter all night or make it your last stop on a veritable New York bar tour, it’s completely up to you.


For those of you that are interested in the bizarre and macabe, the Jekyll and Hyde Club on Times Square might just be your recipe for birthday delight. Enjoy your food and drinks as horror movies play in black and white on surrounding screens; character actors circle the tables to give details of their grisly fates; the eyes in the paintings on the wall will follow you around the room as you drink and revel with your friends. If you’re into the weird, this spot is your birthday dream come true.


The Jazz Standard is the perfect NYC spot for those of you looking for a more relaxed birthday celebration, complete with cool tunes, delicious drinks and some of the best barbecue in the city. Their entertainment list is always packed, so any night you stop by, you’re guaranteed to enjoy some of the most talented local and national musicians. Located conveniently on East 27th Street, the Jazz Standard is close to a ton of other restaurants, bars and hotspots and is easy to find.

169 BAR

If you’re looking for a homey, 100+ year old place to get a $3 beer and mingle with some true New Yorkers on East Broadway, the 169 Bar is second to none. They have an impressive food menu, incredibly affordable drinks, and one of the richest histories of any bar in the area. Make a party reservation to ensure that you get a spot in the sea of limited seating, and sit back for an evening of divey, old New York reveling.

Of course, these are just a small number of amazing locations in New York City that would be worthy of your birthday celebrations. The city is bursting at its seams with strange, dynamic, and interesting places to host your birthday this year; with the services of a chauffeur at your disposal, punctual arrivals, finding parking and getting home safely at the end of the night are all taken care of.

photo credit: Kilgub via photopin cc