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The workplace, like its employees, is an ever-changing, ever-evolving environment where the old ways simply won’t cut it, and those who refuse to adapt might find themselves floundering in a short amount of time.

Some of the characteristics of the new workplace can be quite intimidating; from work environments that call for more and better collaboration to the pressures of an open workspace, Cut Stress during Executive Travel find themselves feeling overwhelmed in the changing landscape of their offices. Being prepared for the future is one of the most worthwhile endeavors we can take on; when it comes to your job, you want to be especially prepared. Here are a few tips for becoming the prepared executive you need to be.


As we said before, the workplace of the future will be one of constant collaboration and work closely with your co-workers. For some people, this new development will be very difficult, especially if they are accustomed to working on projects alone. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to become successfully and effectively collaborative in the workplace.

For starters, honing your listening skills is vital to collaborating. Listening starts with body language and becoming involved in what the other person is saying. Keep your body language open and accessible to the person who is speaking, and allow them to finish their sentences before offering input of your own. Learning to be a better listener could be invaluable on your journey to great collaborative energy with your co-workers.


Regardless of what you think of the open office layout, you’ll probably have to adapt to it in some capacity in the future. An open-office layout takes a lot of adjustment, especially if you’re used to having your own space and complete quiet while you work.

If you know that you tend to socialize tirelessly in an open-office layout, consider purchasing headphones to wear at work or scheduling out your social time to only certain blocks of time throughout the day. Wearing headphones will help you block out additional noise, and knowing that you have a specific time to catch up with your co-workers will help you focus more efficiently on the tasks at hand.


The workplace of the future will demand flexible employees, and this flexibility is reflected in the work tools you choose. A portable laptop, handy mobile phone and wireless capabilities are standard issues in the workplace flexibility department. A tablet and headset are also great options for keeping your work tools portable throughout your day.

The days of being chained to the high-rise are going swiftly by the wayside as the internet, constant connectivity and more flexible schedules emerge. Being able to work from home, the airport or a local coffee shop will afford you the luxury of changing up your environment and working in a variety of settings. Keeping your work environment fresh and stimulating is one of the main perks of having mobile work equipment, and one of the main perks of the workplace of the future.

However you view the workplace of the future, one thing is certain: you must find ways to adapt and be effective. Keeping up with the changes and trends in the workplace can help you stay one step ahead in all work situations.



Photo credit: Sky Noir via photopin