Anyone who travels often for business knows the importance of keeping accurate expense reports and making them available to the people who need them in a timely manner. But the truth of the matter is that your business travel demands often get the best of your ability to keep your expense reports to the tee. These demands make it difficult to have all of your information organized and ready to go when it’s due at your company.

Simplifying the process of expense reports, especially those you  must complete while on the road for business trips, dinners, and Cut Stress during Executive Travel, is a great way to ease the stress of your corporate travel and have a more productive trip altogether. Luckily for frequent business travelers, the information age has provided them with plenty of apps to keep track of their expenses and store them in a safe and easily accessibly place for future reference.

If you’re wondering about the litany of apps available for business trip expense reports, take a look at this list of our favorites.


The Holy Grail of expense reports apps, Expensify is simple to use, available on all mobile platforms, and makes the usual headaches of creating expense reports a streamlined breeze. With Smartscan, you can simply scan your receipts, keep track of your trip account and ensure that your report is stored in an easy-to-reach location. To the relief of traveling businesspeople everywhere, Expensify is also free, which offers a huge advantage over other apps that charge monthly fees for their services and don’t offer the same benefits.


If your company utilizes the Xpenser website, this expense report app will help you capture your receipts and transfer them to Xpenser with little to no effort. Available on iPhone and Android devices and with recent updates added, Fresh Expense Capture is an easy way to aid your expense report process without cutting into your business trip’s productivity. Though it requires syncing with the Xpenser website (which does cost money), Fresh Expense Capture is a good alternative to the usual expense report woes.


For those companies looking for high doses of expense report management, Chrome River is the company for you. With a simple, customer-based system and international capabilities so you can track and store your expenses no matter where you are, Chrome River will help make all parts of expense reporting a cinch when it comes to your corporate travel experience.


In the age of information, integrating your travel plans into your technological devices is easier than ever. That means you can store all of your travel information and your expense reports in the same, easy-to-reach location. But being able to take advantage of technology means a little preparation before your trip actually begins.

Be sure to store all of your expense report information in a convenient cloud, rather than keeping the information on hard copies or emails. You never know when an email will be eaten by cyberspace or simply won’t send to the right person. With the convenience of a cloud, you can trust that you’ll be able to find all of your important documents, on any of your devices at the touch of a button.


Even though expense reports can be quite the headache, traveling business people can and should have the opportunity to streamline the processes involved in the expense report process. By utilizing convenient new apps and software, traveling businesspeople everywhere can replace the frustrating expense report of old with a new, effortless process.

photo credit: SalFalko via photopin cc