As a busy executive, it can be next to impossible to find the time to truly unwind, relax and come down from the stress you deal with each day.

Balancing your work and home lives, staying productive and still finding time to get enough rest and relaxation can be the Achilles heel of many busy professionals; it’s a struggle that often results in exhaustion, burnout and bewilderment.

We can all fall into the trap of working too hard for too many hours, always striving to get the next task complete and the next assignment done. Whether you’ve always struggled with too much work stress or just recently began having trouble, there are ways to relieve yourself of the burden and effectively relax.

One of our favorite new ways to get on the stress-relief train is through the various meditation apps available on your mobile phone. If you aren’t familiar with meditation apps, we’ve listed a few of our favorites to give you a better idea.


If you’re looking for an app to help you center your energies, encourage you and help you adopt a deeper understanding of self-confidence and inner peace, Smiling Mind is the mobile app for you. Not only is the app offered free of charge, it’s also run by a non-profit organization that is committed to helping people have a better quality of life through their own mental powers. Choose your own level of meditation, adjusted to your age and stress levels, and watch your anxieties and frustrations fade.


For a mere 99 cents, you can download Simply Being, an app that offers features like Guided Meditation and sleep assistance, for those of you who find yourselves struggling to drop off at night, no matter your level of exhaustion. Schedule your meditations and ensure that your anxiety and stress is reduced on the most effective time frame for you.


Calm is the kind of app that offers a variety of self-improvement options, from meditation to positivity coaching to self-acceptance. Time-guided meditations and calming voices make for a great asset to your relaxation process, no matter your level of stress. With this app, you are completely in control of your meditation time frame so you can cater your sessions to your own needs and get the most effective stress-relief or sleep assistance.


If you’ve ever wondered about the effects of stress of your body and your mind, Breathe2Relax can provide you with detailed information, as well as effective tools for managing your own stress levels, anxieties, and discomforts. You’ll learn about deep, patterned breathing and how utilizing such a breathing style can help naturally relieve the stress that you accumulate throughout your day. With time set aside each day to do these breathing exercises, your overall stress levels can decrease dramatically.

As a busy executive, you have your fair share of daily stresses and discomforts, whether it’s tension in your shoulders from sitting through multiple meetings or the mental stress you acquire as the lead on a huge project. Finding new and dynamic ways to relieve your stress, relax your mind and ease your tension is an important part of a happy and productive professional life. With handy apps like the ones we’ve listed, relaxation is just a click away.

photo credit: TheeErin via photopin cc