When you’re inside JFK International Airport, the whole world opens up to you. More than 1,000 flights take off and land at JFK every day, with final destinations in every corner of the globe. But that’s the problem: you’ve got to get to JFK first.

Queens, NY can be a hassle to travel to, but there’s no need to add anxiety to your trip while arranging to get to the airport. Public transportation can take hours if you’re across town, and who knows if you can afford the risk associated with hiring a cab. Will they really be on time?
The answer to your woes about getting to JFK is simple: book a professional car service. Still not convinced? Here are some benefits:


There’s a lot on your mind before you start a business trip–will your flight take off and land time? Will your colleagues be agreeable? Will you meet your business goals? Will your accommodations be comfortable? The last thing you want to add to that list is: will I even get to the airport on time? Arranging a reliable driver ahead of time will help you breathe a little easier, and focus on your professional goals, rather than the logistics of the trip. You might be worried about making the big sale or adjusting to a new time zone for a high-powered week of presentations, but you don’t need to worry about missing your plane.


When landing at JFK, travelers are guided to wait for sanctioned cabs to line up and transport them to their destinations. You’ve got no way of knowing how long you’ll wait in line for a cab or the quality of the driving service in store for you. It’s a fact that the vast majority of cab drivers are outstanding, but there are some others who don’t provide the same quality of service. With all these factors to consider, you’re likely to give yourself a panic attack. Give yourself a break: arrange a pickup from JFK ahead of time, and know you’re guaranteeing yourself a safe and comfortable ride. The car is going to be clean and pleasant-smelling and your driver will be paid by the hour, not each mile you’re taken around town.


And then you’ve got the… let’s call them “entrepreneurs,” who aren’t registered with JFK, but court your business anyway. They’ll find you while you collect your luggage. They’ll call to you as you head for the door. They want you to get into a car with them–and their methods of persuasion can be downright creepy. Look, we’re not saying these cabbies are bad people, but at the very least they’re sure to make you anxious and uncomfortable after a long flight. You can dissuade them, politely, by saying, “I already have a ride, thank you.”

Quality, reliability, and peace of mind. When you’re about to leave home for a week of business, the last thing you want is to take a ride in a bad-smelling cab that will cause you to miss your flight. If you’re wondering if you can afford to use JFK car service, the question really might be “can I afford not to?” You stay calm and comfortable while someone else navigates the Goethals and Verrazano Bridges!

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