You see them everywhere, long sleek looking automobiles, but how are they built and are they safe? Years ago auto manufacturers, mainly Lincoln and Cadillac, used to build their own limos. They were called formals, accommodate 3 passengers in the rear and two more on jump seats, that unfolded out. Today all limousines start out as regular passenger cars, also mostly Lincoln Towncars, and Cadillac Escalade, they are cut in half, a middle extension added and the interior fitted.

Today limos are used for JFK Airport service, LGA airport service, Night on the Town, NYC Holiday Tours, Long Island Limo Service and Wedding Limos. Currently, Ford and Cadillac have a program in place called QVM, or CMC, what does this mean to a consumer. If a vehicle is not QVM or CMC it’s quite possible that no one has inspected the stretch of the vehicle for safety. If the company that stretches the car, known as the coach builder is not how is a limo built and is it safe? or CMC, the original manufactures warranty is void when the car is stretched. What can you do…ask your limo company about the build of their limos. At Executive, all our Lincoln Limos and Ford Expeditions are QVM, approved by Ford for Safety.