In the business world, finding transportation for meetings and business dinners is often an extra challenge that puts kinks in your productivity and focus. Unfortunately, the more esteemed the occasion, the harder it seems to find transportation that can rise to the occasion, both in luxury and in efficiency. When it comes to important events like Board of Directors’ meetings, finding the right transportation can have a huge effect on the overall quality and productivity of the event. If you are planning a Board of Directors meeting in New York City, and you need tips on finding the right transportation, take a look at our advice below.


One of the most important parts of securing transportation for such an important event is being aware of the number of vehicles your Board of Directors will need. If you have a large group to accommodate for the event, you should consider getting a vehicle that has enough room for everyone to fit comfortably. An 8-passenger classic Lincoln stretch limousine would be a great option for transportation for a group of up to 8 when you’re looking for an extra dose of luxury and class.

If you’re entertaining a smaller number of Directors, consider booking an old standard, like a Lincoln Town Car. Or if making splash is important to you, consider booking a car like a Bentley Continental Flying Spur.


Finding a company that you can trust with the sincerity of the occasion is an important part of success, as well. You must consider more than just the fleet of vehicles offered by a company when booking transportation for your Board of Directors’ meeting. Various other factors come into play in ensuring that your Directors are well taken care of throughout their experience. Proper insurance, experience of the chauffeurs and their memberships in the proper organizations all contribute greatly to the Directors’ enjoyment and ease during their meeting.


The chauffeurs that handle your Board of Directors’ transportation will be directly responsible for a substantial amount of the Directors’ enjoyment during their evenign. As such, booking chauffeurs who have considerable experience in the industry can help ensure that your group will receive the utmost in service and attention during and after their meeting, and that their transportation is enjoyable and efficient. The chauffeurs who handle the meeting’s transportation should have customer service experience and a thorough knowledge of the city where the meeting is held. The Board of Directors’ chauffeur should double as a local expert, as well, so that any questions or concerns about possible venues for dinner, route, traffic or parking can be handled with ease.

Booking transportation for a prestigious event requires knowledge of the attendees and a keen awareness of their expectations. If you’re responsible for acquiring transportation for a Board of Directors’ meeting in New York City, don’t settle for a company that won’t deliver on your needs. Screen your companies closely, and select the one that will make your event spectacular.

photo credit: Ian Sane via photopin cc