Ah, date night, a time when nerves are on edge, appearances fussed over and the itinerary changed and then changed again. When we want things to be absolutely perfect, attention to detail can turn into a crippling stress that ends up ruining the night before it has even begun. Dates aren’t supposed to be a stressful planning frenzy; they’re supposed to a great time spent with someone we like, laughing, enjoying great food and seeing the sights.

If you’re lucky enough to be planning a date in romantic New York City, you have a million options for places to go, restaurants for a fantastic meal and a romantic sightseeing experience afterward. Sight-seeing in New York is simply incomplete without a foray into Central Park. But what about the rest of the night? We’ve got some tips for making your Central Park Date Night truly unforgettable.


Many people forget the hassle that getting around the Big Apple can be until their date is already due to be picked up. Skip the New York cab headache and don’t settle for the subway. Make your date memorable by Cut Stress during Executive Travel to handle all of the driving. You won’t have to worry about directions to the restaurant, the stresses of navigating busy city streets or parking.

When you book a limo, there is also the added benefit of having a chauffeur. Not only will your chauffeur know exactly where he’s going (a serious bonus over taking a cab), he will also be able to give you advice on restaurants, cocktail bars or nightclubs where the scene is alive. He’ll be a friendly face and a trusted steward of all of your transportation throughout the night, which means you can focus on enjoying the experience and the company of your date.


When we say the restaurant, we mean the restaurant you dreamt of when you started planning your date. Sure, you probably had only a vague vision of what you wanted, whether it was knowing your date loves French food or recalling the breathtaking interior of a restaurant that you passed by one night on your way home. Whatever your criteria, the Central Park area has something to satisfy. Here are a few that are within walking distance of Central Park.

  • Marea If traditional Italian fare is your bag, Marea is the fine-dining destination you’ll love. Located just steps from Central Park, the menu is diverse in Italian favorites like Bistecca and Pappardelle, with a prix fixe menu that runs guests around $100 for four courses.
  • Robert RestaurantLocated on top of the Museum of Arts and Design at Columbus Circle, Robert Restaurant is considered one of the more intimate places to dine near Central Park. You and your date can either enjoy dinner on comfortable sofas in the main area or dine at the windows overlooking Broadway and Central Park.


The Central Park Carousel is a great main attraction to visit during your time in Central Park. Not only has it been a staple of the Park for over 120 years, it can create a beautiful moment between you and your date.

If all else fails, just take a stroll around the park. It’s been hosting romantic couples for a long time now, so just taking a gander around the beautiful rolling hills of such an iconic New York destination should be enough to make your date memorable all on its own. When the night comes to a close, you can simply climb into your limo and be whisked back home, with a fantastic date night on the books.

image credit: graur codrin/