When traveling, there are many situations that can become serious obstacles to your time, productivity and peace-of-mind:

  • Arriving at your destination on time
  • Getting from the airport to a meeting with plenty of time to prepare
  • Your transfer from the hotel to your meeting
  • Arriving back at the airport for your flight home

If you choose to drive yourself, you have to worry about parking fees upwards of $18 per day.  Maneuvering around the parking lots is a mess as well, with lots often more than 60% filled.  If you decide not to drive yourself, you have to worry about obtaining a ride and making sure the person knows where to pick you up and drop you off.  With inconvenient flight times and delayed flights, this last option becomes less ideal.

Instead of adding to all the irritations of traveling, relax in solitude with Executive Limousine.  Unlike taxis, Executive Limousine charges a flat rate and has an expert grasp of New York City’s layout, in addition to neighboring New Jersey and Connecticut.  Our staff of highly trained professional chauffeurs will get you to your destination safely and on time.

Next time you are traveling, pick a service that you can trust – Executive Limousine.