This blog was originally published in 2013; we have since updated it to reflect the most accurate information. 

Packing can be one of the most frustrating elements of a business trip.

Based on the nature of business travel, executives rarely have the need or desire to pack a checked bag, which means the majority of their essentials must fit into their carry-on luggage. We constantly hear executives talk about different ways to pack all their essentials while still making sure their clothes look good.

We’ve compiled the following instructional videos on how to best pack a carry-on for your next business trip. Be sure to forward this post onto your friends who frequently travel and make sure to let us know in the comments if you know of any other great tips.


The first step in packing a great carry-on is learning how to fold a suit without wrinkling it.

There tons of great luggage options when it comes to suits. Some carry-ons come equipped with special suit holders that help prevent wrinkles, while other carry-on designs use a rolling technique to keep the suit fresh.

If you don’t have luggage with specially designed anti-wrinkle features, you can still pack a suit and keep it looking good. Here’s a video from Business Insider on how to fold your suit to avoid wrinkles:


We all know that it can seem impossible to fit everything you need for a business trip into a carry-on. Because of the limited space, packing a carry-on can start to feel like solving a jigsaw puzzle.

Michael Hyatt is an expert in leadership and does a great deal of travelling for his speaking engagements.

In this video he tackles one of the greatest hurdles of business travel, which is how to pack an efficient carry-on. Hyatt goes over everything from vitamin bottle placements to where his laptop goes and more.


We wouldn’t dream of leaving the female executives out of the equation, and we know that packing a perfect carry-on can have some unique challenges for women.

While many of the packaing strategies are the same for both genders, fitting hair styling tools, makeup, and jewelry into a carry-on along with everything else can pose a problem. That’s why we included this instructional video with some helpful tips on women’s executive travel.


  • Understand Air Travel Restrictions. The best way to check to make sure that your carry-on is compliant with up-to-date TSA regulations is to go straight to the source and visit their website.
  • Put Important Items on the Outside. As Michael Hyatt illustrated, it’s important to have your laptop on the outside of your bag so that you can get to it quickly to remove for security and remove it once on the plane. 
  • Don’t Over Pack. It is extremely important to analyze the length of your stay, weather of the city you’re traveling to, and the nature of your meetings when determining what to pack. If your client is business casual and you’re meeting in Florida during August—you may not need to bring a suit.
  • Invest in a Great Carry-On. A great carry-on is a piece of luggage that can last you for years of professional use as long as you take care of it. Every business is different, so it’s important to analyze the type of materials you’ll be taking and the nature of your business.

We suggest going to a store with plenty of luggage options and taking plenty of time to browse to see what features you love and what features are unnecessary.

What other tricks do you use to pack the best carry-on possible? Leave us a comment below.