If you’re a “road warrior” executive who is always on the move from hotel room to boardroom to the airport terminal, then you know how important it is that you keep your productivity high in spite of being moved from environment to environment on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. To make the most of your travel time, and the wait time between your travels, it important to have a few things in place, and to keep those things in order. If you’ve got an opportunity and the wireless internet connection to treat your JFK airport limo like a personal, mobile office, we’ve made a list of the best and easiest ways to make use of your corporate travel time.


No one has to tell you that your SmartPhone or tablet can serve as one of the most useful sidekicks to your professional life, but finding the most effective apps to help you get the most out of your corporate limousine ride or other downtimes can be tricky. Apps for managing your time or just having the available resources to catch your ideas can be invaluable to an on-the-go businessperson.

A couple of the apps that we think are invaluable to a busy executive are FlightTrack, which allows you to see flights times and scheduling from all over the world, as well as schedule and track your own flights, Evernote, which functions as the perfect instant notepad to catch your best ideas in any environment and organize them easily in a filing system, as well a voice recorder for when you don’t want to type, and Remember the Milk an incredibly easy app for managing your tasks, sharing them with your co-workers, and syncing your phone’s schedule to your Google calendar


As any businessperson on the go inevitably understands, the concept of sleep while you are on the road is often a foreign one, what with jet lag and the strange schedules and the constant go-go-go. But understanding the value of sleep, even in the tiniest increments, is essential to functioning at your highest while in corporate and professional environments. Use your airport-to-hotel or airport-to-meeting commute to catch half an hour of sleep here and there, when you aren’t using the commute to finish up last-minute preparations or sending urgent emails. Even just getting half an hour more of sleep each day could be the main difference between spot-on work and efficiency and the hazy fog of sleep-deprived exhaustion.


Knowing where your items are stored might be the most important aspect of making your corporate commutes productive; because the organization is the key to doing anything in a timely manner, it makes sense that is also the key to making the most of your commute. Keeping your urgent emails organized in clearly labeled folders on your SmartPhone or tablet or having the appropriate documents labeled and organized clearly in your briefcase are some of the easiest ways to ensure your productivity via commute.

Also, keeping all of your necessary items close at hand and in their own specified places can save you tons of time when on your way to a business venture. If you need to change your tie or freshen up before a meeting or boardroom presentation, having the right items at your easy disposal is the best way to make your commute count for every second. Try using the last few minutes of your flight to get all of your necessary items in their designated spots; this way when you reach your limousine or corporate car, you know exactly where to find what you need.


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