Team trips to the beaches of Long Island are excellent for boosting morale and fostering better relationships. The Hamptons are probably the most popular beaches for business outings, but you can’t just roll up in any old vehicle if you’re visiting Southampton. Fortunately, Executive Limousine has the group ground transportation you need for Hamptons trips. You and your employees can roll up in luxury without worrying about cramping your style. Take a look at some of the group vehicles we offer and start making plans for your next company beach trip.


The passenger van has enough room for everyone. The comfortable interior will make everyone feel special and appreciated, but no one will feel the need to keep the sand off their toes before getting back inside. If you need to take an extra-large group, there are three vans on hand to carry everyone. To make the whole trip even better, Chauffeurs are on staff to do the driving for you. No one will need to worry about celebrating too much because our drivers will make sure everyone arrives safely home.


Roll up in style with the 14-passenger Ford Expedition. Your team will love the luxurious interior suited for a king. The stylish Expedition includes plush leather seating, coolers for your favorite beverages, and a top-notch sound system to get the party going the right way. If you have a small team, you can take everyone along. Otherwise, consider this option for your very best performers.


Bigger parties will love the roomy stretch Escalade. There is enough room for 18 staff members, with plenty of room to spare. Of course, you can also expect the best of the best from this Cadillac. How else would you want to arrive at the beaches in Southampton? Keep your beverages cold for the ride and enjoy the music and lights, and then when the day in the sun is over, everyone can enjoy the plush seats for a comfy ride home.


The Hummer makes an impressive stretch vehicle. When you pull up to the restaurants and beachfront clubs in the Hamptons with your stretch Hummer, you know everyone will stop and stare. All of your team members will feel incredibly appreciated to get a ride in such an elegant vehicle. To make the whole reward even better, the Hummer is equipped with party lighting, limo-style seating, and a great sound system for your party tunes. It’s a great way to get everyone comfortable and talking so team building exercises will be easier.


Larger groups love the limo bus, which accommodates up to 40 people. The Executive limo bus is equipped with all the luxuries of a stretch limousine, as well as televisions and restroom facilities. After seeing the on-board bar, fiber-optic lights, and leather seats, your team members may not even want to leave the bus to play in the water.

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Reserve this option for only the most special of occasions, because this bus has everything. You’ll really want your gathering to be an event when you reserve Executive Limo’s party bus. Your employees will get the benefit of an on-board bar, televisions, top-of-the-line speakers, and even a dance floor. There will be no need to make use of beachfront meeting spaces when you have the party bus.

Every option we provide comes standard with a smiling Chauffeur who wants nothing more than to provide the very best day out for your team members. We’ll make sure everyone has a wonderful, safe, exciting trip, so leave the driving to us.

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