If you travel regularly, for either business or leisure, you know the importance of a good airport experience. Whether it’s getting to your gate early, not having a long wait at security or being greeted by a friendly and helpful staff, the small details of your airport experience can make a long-lasting impact on the overall quality of your trip.

So what happens when you’re flying into (or out of) New York City and it’s imperative that you make your flight on time, or get out of the airport in a prompt manner to reach a business dinner or otherwise highly important meeting in the city? How do you ensure that your New York City airport experience is as streamlined as possible? We’ve compiled a few pieces of advice for getting through New York airports with little no headaches.


Whether you’re going to the airport after a business trip to get home or arriving just after a long flight, having reliable transportation is an absolute must. Knowing that you have a method of transportation that you can rely on, to get you to the airport on time and pick you up promptly, provides a huge piece of mind, especially to business travelers whose schedules can make or break them.

With your chauffeur waiting with a smile in baggage claim, prepared to help you with your luggage, and armed with a thorough knowledge of the city, its traffic patterns and the quickest routes to your destination, your trip can become just a little bit less stressful and thus more productive and enjoyable.


For people who travel often, security can become the bane of your existence and the difference between making your flight and missing it. If you are a regular traveler who could benefit from an expedited security process, consider signing up for PreCheck, a new system which allows approved members to by-pass certain cumbersome parts of security. For instance, an approved member of PreCheck will no longer have to remove their shoes, belt, jacket, their laptop or their liquids from their bags. Now available at most major airports, the PreCheck system creates a streamlined security experience for people who find themselves constantly traveling.


Having a mapped-out knowledge of where restaurants are in your airport can help streamline your experience in several ways. Firstly, it cuts back on the amount of wandering you’ll have to do for that quick pre-flight coffee you need to stay awake and get work done on the plane. Secondly, it will keep you from settling for less-than-desirable options simply because you aren’t sure where to find what you’re really looking for. Any business or otherwise constant travelers knows the value of having decent food while you travel. Making the effort to familiarize yourself with the food centers so you can pop in and pop out will help your entire airport experience to be more effective.

Air travel has long been an experience prone to causing headaches in all scores of people. From the long lines at security to the lack of decent food to not being able to find a cab once your plane lands, the frustrations seem never-ending. However, by doing a little extra research, booking a chauffeured car and signing up for all the necessary programs, you can be well on your way to an easier and more enjoyable air travel experience.

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