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Executive travelers know how tiring it can be to constantly jet from city to city, always sleeping in a new hotel bed, working late on projects and presentations, stressing out over reaching a meeting on time when there are no cabs to be found at rush hour. Though it’s an exciting life, it’s one that can carry many stresses, and as a result, demand much richer downtime than the average work life.

If you’re an executive who finds him or herself exhausted and really looking forward to the hours you’ll get to yourself on your next business trip, we hear you. We compiled this short narrative of tips for downtime activities for those of your lucky enough to be on business in the Big Apple.


While it’s no secret that transportation in the city can be a nightmare, you can escape the uncertainties by booking Cut Stress during Executive Travel for the duration of your business trip to New York. That means you’ll have an attentive, trustworthy chauffeur at your disposal whenever and wherever you need them. You won’t have to stand around on street corners trying to hail a cab, and you won’t have to worry about being late to your meetings or presentations because your cab driver got lost or because you couldn’t find parking. You’ll also be able to use your commutes however you please. If a quick nap is what suits you, you have the solitude and the quiet to make it happen.


In New York City, finding a suitable spa should be a cinch, and since relaxation and enjoyable downtime are the name of the game, you might want to look into some spa relief the next time your NYC business trip is taking a toll on your stress levels. Here are a couple of our favorites to help narrow down your list.

Metamorphosis Day Spa on East 56th Street is a wonderful option for all manner of massages, facial treatments, and all inclusive spa packages to get you on your way to feeling (and looking) your best.

For an award-winning spa, conveniently located on West 13th Street, consider stopping at Silk Day Spa, which prides itself on providing a relaxing escape for any stress or exhaustion you might be suffering from. Their services vary from facials, massages, body treatments, and packages to suit your every need.


Many visitors to New York City pride themselves on experiencing the amazing art culture, but for executive travelers, finding the time to really delve into some of the galleries and exhibitions offered in such an artistic landscape can be challenging. Why not take a few hours in the afternoon and visit one of the lesser known art galleries in NYC? Sure, the Met and the Guggenheim are incredible, but if you’re trying to unwind, you won’t want to battle the tourist crowds and general mayhem of the bigger galleries.

One of our favorite galleries is the Bowery, located at West 25th Street. You’ll get to experience the unique flavor of contemporary and independent art in an environment that truly lets you involve yourself in the art works and won’t make you feel rushed and prodded along by a swelling crowd.

Don’t let the demands of executive travel stamp out your adventurous streak. Find a way to unwind and enjoy yourself the next time you’re in New York City on business; you’ll probably find some new favorites and come away feeling refreshed and energized.

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