How many vacationers dream of being able to pack up and head off to one of America’s most scenic and beautiful destinations, a place where luxury, beach comfort and unbelievable sights come together to form a trifecta of vacation perfection? Well, we would argue that most of you would love to pencil a trip to the Hamptons into your summer schedules.

The Hamptons have it all when it comes to perfect family vacations, from the weather to the activities to the shopping to the amazing restaurants. But how to have the truly perfect end of summer vacation in the Hamptons, you ask? We’ve got a few easy tips to make the most of your time in one of New York’s most enticing vacation hotspots.


Much like the rest of New York, the Hamptons are no cake walk when it comes to traffic congestion and navigation. Not only is it pretty crowded, even during the later summer months, but finding your way around the city can be confusing for even the best drivers among us. And besides, when you’re on vacation, do you really want to be saddled with the daunting responsibilities of navigating and then finding parking, both stressful endeavors? Trying to find a parking spot could induce enough stress to ruin an entire day’s vacation, or at least get it off to a rocky start.

And that doesn’t even take into account the headache of simply getting to your destination. Without a local expert chauffeur to man your commutes to all of your choice destinations in the Hamptons, the entire driving experience can become one seriously chaotic fiasco.

The answer, of course, is to find a trustworthy car service company to chauffeur you in style to all of your destinations. Not only will your chauffeur know the entire city like the back of his hand, he’ll be able to drop you off and pick you up at your leisure, so the stresses of finding parking and walking to your destination will simply disappear.


One thing that can put you in touch with the beauty of the Hamptons and Long Island in general is taking a trip to view some of the beautiful Gold Coast Mansions, circa the era of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the Great Gatsby and the marvelous displays of wealth built on Long Island by some of the mammoths of the industrial age.

Of the nearly 500 luxurious mansions built during the famed industrial era, nearly 200 remain and are open to the public to marvel at. For an interesting and engaging afternoon activity during your vacation to the Hamptons, why not ask your chauffeur to take you around for a tour of some of the beautiful homes from yesteryear. You can arrive in true luxurious style and see some of history’s most irreplaceable architecture in the company of your loved ones.


You can’t very well claim to have had a true Hamptons vacation without also going to one of Long Island’s amazing beaches. Montauk has plenty, and they are quite scenic, indeed. From the newest Fort Pond Beach to the classics like Gin Beach and Hitch Hills Beach, Montauk is a great summer destination for the entire family.

However you choose to spend your summer vacation in the Hamptons, be certain to book a trustworthy car service for your commutes. Not only will the stresses of driving and parking be lifted from your plate, but you’ll love the added luxury of having a pristine vehicle to ride in any time you have activities planned. There’s no better way to send off the summer in style.

photo credit: nosha via photopin cc