If you’ve found your focus dwindling, burnout settling in, or just a general sense of boredom in your work life, it might be time to change things up. Corporate retreats are a great opportunity for professional teams to connect, face challenges, and get out of the stuffy environment of the office.

Convincing your managers of the value of a corporate retreat doesn’t have to be a challenge; head into their office with a list of concrete ideas within doable parameters. Maybe your corporate retreat is just a day out of the office, working with your team members on upcoming projects. Or maybe you arrange for a more complex retreat experience, sure to re-energize office morale and get everyone on the same page.

Check out these ideas for corporate retreats that can give your work life a pick-me-up.


When is the last time you went to a business conference and learned from the pros?

A business conference, whether it’s in your own city or one nearby, can zap boredom and inspire even the weariest professionals, with insightful speakers, workshops, and interactive events. Business conferences are also a great opportunity to network, meet industry leaders, or do some recruiting. The atmosphere of a business conference is inherently more kinetic and inspiring than the day-to-day office; you might just leave with a fresh perspective and a better outlook than ever.

Add to the team-centric spirit of your retreat by booking transportation that can accommodate your entire group.

Executive Ground Transportation of Long Island offers a dynamic fleet of vehicles that include our late-model limo buses. A limo bus can seat up to 33 passengers and offers great options for on-board entertainment. Our professional chauffeurs will handle the driving while you and your team simply enjoy the ride.


Competition can be inspiring, and a corporate scavenger hunt is the perfect way to inspire competition in your team, while placing them in a fun environment.

There are a variety of scavenger hunts available, through great companies like Watson Adventures, who specialize in corporate retreat events in different cities throughout the year. Here’s a few of the scavenger hunts they offer in the NYC area:

A scavenger hunt can help teams work together, think critically and accomplish tasks, in a more dynamic environment than an office.


If your office team is enthusiastic about exploring the natural world, you could orchestrate a nature getaway centered on mental rejuvenation, meditation, communicating with one another, and general restfulness.

There are tons of companies that organize nature retreats for groups or companies, including Awaken in the Wild, which can offer your group the following opportunities:

  • Sunset Meditations
  • Yoga
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Mindfulness and Compassion Practices

You can organize a multi-night getaway or a shorter nature experience for your team. Depending on the time of year, you could incorporate hiking, swimming, foraging or rock-climbing into your experience. There’s always an opportunity to include activities, communication sessions and team-building excursions, all according to your team’s interests and needs.

There are a few ways to drastically improve your company’s corporate retreat: providing group transportation in the form of a limo bus or van is always a good place to start. Before planning your retreat, you can create a questionnaire to get insight into everyone’s tastes and make sure you plan a retreat that your team will find enjoyable.

At the end of the day, a corporate retreat should offer everyone on your team the opportunity to get out of the stifling environment of the office and enjoy a renewed perspective.

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Photo Credit: Ken Lund