Many corporate travelers find themselves at the mercy of their schedules throughout their business trips. Whether it’s skipping lunch to go to an extra presentation or taking a red-eye flight instead of a daytime one so they can jumpstart preparations for an important meeting, there are few emergency changes to a corporate travel schedule that don’t require a business traveler to completely rearrange his or her comforts and plans. Some may say it’s simply the nature of business, but others would say that there should be more flexibility in travel so that these changes or last-minute occurrences can be dealt with more efficiently.

One of the main times when problems can arise with business travel is during the commute to the airport before your flight leaves. So what happens when you need to make a stop on the way to the airport? We’ve got a few situations when flexible transportation is highly important to your business travel success.


A lot of people, when preparing for their business trips, don’t worry much about how they’ll get to the airport because they just assume that they’ll call a cab when it’s time to leave. What many business travelers don’t realize is that using a cab to get to the airport is one of the least flexible options you can choose. Say you have to stop at the dry cleaners, need to go back home to grab a document you forgot, or desperately need to stop off for a breakfast sandwich and latte. You’ll have to hop out of your cab and hail another one when your errand is finished.

Especially if you’re traveling during rush hour, finding one cab is hard enough. But to find two cabs during a busy morning can be nearly impossible, and the improbability of finding a free cab when it’s time to start heading towards the airport again can create an arduous probability of your being late or missing your flight altogether.


The solution to this problem is to book chauffeured car service for your commutes to the airport. Not only will your chauffeur be happy to stop wherever and however many times you need to, but he or she will wait patiently on your to finish your errand before whisking you off to the airport in plenty of time. They’ll have your flight time memorized and be constantly mindful of where they are on the road, how far they need to go and how long it will take them to get there. The benefits of having transportation so reliable when your business travel schedule is on the line are too many to count.

Business travel is tough and requires a lot of your time management skills, from packing your suitcase perfectly to estimating, almost to a T, how long it will take you to get a large coffee from the coffee shop drive through. But during the inevitable times when you’ve forgotten something, or have no choice but to make a stop on the way to the airport, having reliable chauffeured car service is the best possible choice for your transportation method. Your chauffeur will be happy to accommodate every moment of your trip, offering you the flexibility you need to travel well and still meet every deadline.

photo credit: laverrue via photopin cc