Guy time is sacred; it gives you a chance to unwind, catch up with each other, and get a break from your laundry list of concerns throughout the week. Finding awesome things to do on your guys’ days just got easier, too, since spring is now upon us and baseball season is in full swing. If you live in or are planning on visiting Queens, New York in the next couple of months, chances are you’ll be able to catch a Mets game at Citi Field, the ultimate guys’ day out in the big city. From the right transportation to the best restaurants and bars for after the last pitch is thrown, we’ve got a guide to enjoying your day out at Citi Field with the Mets and your good friends


Finding a safe and reliable method of transportation for your guys’ day out should be an important part of your planning. Since it’s supposed to be a day of relaxation and unwinding, it’s unfair to ask one of the guys in your group to drive. No one wants to fight congested traffic and stadium parking on their day off, especially on a day that they’ve been waiting and planning for a long time.

So you’ve decided that no one in your party should drive, but that still doesn’t determine how you get to the stadium. A taxi might seem like the most accessible option, but let’s think about it: If you have a group larger than three, you’ll need to take separate taxis to the game, which comes with the possibility that one taxi will arrive later or get lost. Then your group is fractured and half of you are left standing around at the stadium gates while the game starts and the other half is stuck in the back of a cab, anxious to get to the destination, but having no idea whether they’ll arrive on time.

Save yourself these headaches and book a chauffeured vehicle. You can choose from any size you want and you’ll have the benefit of a local expert Chauffeur who will know exactly where you’re going and how to get there.


Finding a great place to grab some grub, either before or after the game, is easy in a city as vibrant as Queens. There are plenty of excellent restaurants that are only a few blocks or a short drive from the stadium, so you are guaranteed delicious food in addition to a fun game-day atmosphere. One of our favorite restaurants near Citi Field is Donovan’s Grill and Tavern, which boasts one of the best burgers in New York, as well as a variety of steaks and seafood.

Another of our favorites is the Andy Chinese Restaurant, which offers some of the spiciest (and most delicious) Chinese food in Queens, with staples like Dan noodles and duck on the varied menu.


Looking for a great place to have a drink after the game? Look no further than Beer Authority in New York, which offers over 100 different bottles of beer, with 71 beers on tap. Beer Authority is the baseball fan’s mecca, and the atmosphere will give you a chance to mingle with other Mets fans while you sample an incredible selection of brews.

Another great place to stop off for a drink after the lights of Citi Field go down is Roosevelt Sports Bar in Flushing. With the great selection of beers and drinks and the huge televisions for watching recaps of the game, you’ll be right at home in Roosevelt’s comfortable atmosphere.

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