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When you take car service to JFK from Long Island for a business trip, you may want to stop and get a bite to eat at a restaurant that isn’t in a terminal. There are quite a few places to choose from. Some of them lack a website, but that only adds to their charm. Arrange for an early pick-up and have your Chauffeur-drive you to one of these great places.


This tapas restaurant offers shrimp, steak, and pork dishes that will satisfy the hungry executive on the go. The food is plated in a refined and careful arrangement, and the elegant interior makes it a wonderful place to relax. If you catch the restaurant at the right time, your dinner may even be scored by the sounds of a flamenco guitarist. No matter whether you’ve just landed or you’re about to take off, Saffron is an excellent place to dine.


This humble restaurant has high prices, but the portions it serves are huge, so it may be best to stop in here when you have a dining partner to split your meal with. The delicious options you have to choose from include linguini with clam sauce, fried eggplant, and veal chops. A glass of red wine can also be the perfect complement to your meal.


A seafood restaurant that’s operated for more than 50 years, London Lennie’s has plenty of soups, salads, and “all ashore” (beef) offerings, so it will satisfy whatever craving you may have. The restaurant is family-operated, which gives it a warm and personal feel: the original owner Leonard passed the restaurant down to this son, and the restaurant’s history has been featured in several local media outlets, including The New York Times.


The reincarnation of the original Veggie Castle that once resided in the Flatbush neighborhood, this restaurant serves up delicious vegetarian cuisine. The portions are considerable, and the vegetarian versions of “meat” dishes that are so good you don’t notice the difference. For those with a taste for the spicy, an array of hot foods are also available. If you want something light, the smoothies and juices are also refreshing.


Step into the opulent Seeda Thai, and you’ll soon see that the food is as wonderful as the environment. Curries, sweet and sour meats, noodle dishes, and fried rice are all available for your choosing—and that’s only if none of the duck, fish, or vegetarian dishes appeal. Basil, mint, lime, and lemongrass all add flavorful touches to the food, making Seeda Thai an excellent place for pre-flight dining.


This eatery has drawn some big-name clientele, including Ray Romano and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Originally beginning as a pizza parlor, the restaurant today serves seafood, Italian, and BBQ dishes. The restaurant’s philosophy is based on fresh food and the warmest hospitality, stemming from the founder’s habit of inviting others to his restaurant and rewarding them with a glass of wine if they “ask[ed] for Joe.”


This sushi restaurant gets high marks from Yelp reviewers for its friendly and warm customer service. The food doesn’t disappoint, either: Spicy scallops and rainbow rolls are crowd favorites. The cozy lighting makes for a pleasant dining atmosphere, and the dishes are reasonably priced, so if you’re craving sushi right before you take off, Sakura is a great choice.

No matter how seasoned a road warrior you are, travel is never an outright pleasant experience. One way to ease the pain of travel is to treat yourself to a nice meal before takeoff. With the right atmosphere to relax in, and delicious food to fuel your brain, you’ll step through the doors of JFK ready to tackle any obstacle that comes your way.

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