If you’re like us, you probably love a cold beer at the end of a long day. When you look at the history of beer, you have to admit that it’s really come a long way in terms of variety. Coming into the 1980’s, the beer industry was made up of only 44 brewing companies and experts at that time expected the number to drop even lower.

People soon grew bored with the lack of unique flavors and varieties which soon paved the way for home brewing. It became a way for beer enthusiasts to make their own inspired beverages. With the hope of providing their own take on the classic malted drink to the masses, these home brewers began opening their own microbreweries all across the country. If you find yourself in Long Island, New York, keep the breweries from our list below in mind.


These particular brews are available year-round, so no matter what time of year you stop in, they will always be ready to try.

Brooklyn Brewery – Brooklyn Pennant Ale

Named after the famed 1955 World Champion Dodgers baseball team, this pale ale is known for the toasty, biscuit-like flavor thanks to the Scottish Maris Otter malt it is made from. The house ale yeast also gives it a fruity flavor and has a dry finish.

Industrial IPA – Kelso Brewery

Made with over a dozen hops as well as floor malted English Maris Otter & Pale Crystal malts, this microbrew has a bold citrus flavor. It also boasts of a 10.0% alcohol by volume that really packs a punch.

Resin – Sixpoint

This microbrew from Sixpoint is made from the resin cultivated from hops at the peak of their maturity to give it a bold, concentrated flavor that everyone has come to expect from a quality IPA.


Some beers are brewed for a specific time of year, so if you find yourself in the New York area during one of the autumn months, be sure to check out one of these fine options.

Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale – Brooklyn Brewery

Nothing says fall quite like the pumpkin, so why not sample a quality seasonal microbrew featuring the unorthodox ingredient? This beer boasts of a warm pumpkin aroma thanks to the hundreds of pounds of pumpkin used for each batch.

Kellerfest – Kelso Brewery

Thanks to the GR Select and Styrian Gold hops, along with the Pilsner, Light & Dark Cara Munich, and Vienna hops, this microbrew has a caramel and toasted malt flavor that has a light, mellow finish.

Autumnnation – Sixpoint

With a name like Autumnation, this brew bound to be perfect for those fall months. Made with Mosaic hops, it has aromas of strawberry and stonefruit and flavors of citrus, pine, and berry. This brew is a perfect finish for any cool fall evening.

No matter which microbrewery you patronize, you can rest assured there are plenty of quality options for you to choose from. Don’t settle for the same old store bought beers of the past; take advantage of the unique options these microbreweries have to offer. As always, drink responsibly and be sure to take advantage of a Long Island limousine to ensure you reach your final destination safely.

Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net/Naypong