There are occasions in our lives when driving ourselves in our own cars just won’t do, and neither will the troublesome pursuit of cabs and public transit. Some occasions beg to be dressed up in the luxury that a limousine provides, freeing you to enjoy the company of your date, family or friends sans the added stresses and frustrations that navigating on your own can bring. To give you some ideas of the right times to book, we’ve compiled a list of the optimal times to go the extra mile and get a limousine.


A wedding is one of the most sacred and important times in our lives: it’s a festival celebrating the start of a new life and the merging of two worlds. Because a wedding should be, at its heart, a celebration, it is occasion number one when booking a limousine is almost imperative. Providing transportation for a couple, especially transportation as luxurious and quintessential as a limousine, is part of letting them devote all of their attention to one another during their special time, as well as letting them relax and enjoy the good life without the additional stress of driving.


Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are notorious for revelry and partying, as well as the need for safe transportation so everyone can have a good time with a safe and dependable way home when the party ends. Also, bachelor and bachelorette parties are supposed to be for the enjoyment of the person getting married, and springing for a limousine is a nice way to honor them as your friend or a member of your family.


If you’re the boss of a team of people, getting a limousine to take them to and from a corporate party or event is one way to show them that you appreciate them. Providing them a safe way to get home after a corporate event where they’ve probably been drinking is a considerate way to do a good deed and give your employees the opportunity to experience true luxury.


Being in a relationship can offer so many joys and consolations, and the ways that we depend on our significant others for support and laughter during our ups and our downs can’t be numbered. Booking a limousine for an anniversary night out will forever remain one of the quintessential ideas for creating a truly memorable anniversary date, one that will communicate the important and irreplaceable spot that your significant other holds in your life.


It’s very easy for birthday presents to become tiresome and cluttered; giving someone the same boring objects or gag gifts every year says nothing about how much they mean to you or that you even pay attention to what they like. Remember that experiences can be some of the best presents a person can receive and to give someone the experience of a city sightseeing tour in a limousine or the pleasure of being picked and taken to dinner in one is a memorable and thoughtful consideration to giving them a great birthday experience.


Graduations, from highschool, college or graduate school, are momentous occasions. They signify the end of a long and often miserable struggle to get where we want in life. Graduates are also often some of the most exhausted and weary human beings on the planet, and booking a limousine to take them out to celebrate the end of academic slavery and sleepless nights can be the ultimate tool to restoring their spirit and showing them a good time.

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