In the world of executive travel, finding small moments to relax your mind can be gold when it comes to staying on track and being productive. Unfortunately, the tight schedules of most executive travelers, coupled with little time to sleep, can mean tensions run high, tempers flare, and enjoyment is impossible.

If you are one of the executives who often finds his or herself in need of a little de-stressing during travel, consider our short list of tips for doing so.


In the wake of a high-stress business meeting, presentation or client introduction, we can often find ourselves maintaining stressed and anxious breathing patterns, such as breathing shallowly and quickly. These types of stress responses prolong anxiety and create an extended environment of unhealthy tension in your body long after the stressful situation has passed.

Abate stress by actively breathing using the diaphragm and abdomen, rather than the upper-chest. Find a quiet place where you can be left alone for at least 10 or 20 minutes, and practice deep, even breathing using your diaphragm. Focus on your breaths, keeping them even and slow. Physiological responses to controlled breathing include lowered blood pressure, reduced levels of stress hormones, and an overall sense of comfort, all of which go a long way towards keeping you at the top of your game, no matter the stress-level or tension of the environment.


If you know you have a particularly stressful meeting coming up, create a relaxation soundtrack for afterward that will help you unwind and rid yourself of those inevitable tensions that build up during a huge pitch or meeting.

Whether it’s the sound of waves crashing, rain falling on a tin roof, or your favorite relaxing music, having an arsenal of tracks at your disposal to help your mind rest and your body come down from its adrenaline high should be a vital part of every business traveler’s after-meeting routine.


Many executives find the power nap to be their main weapon when it comes to battling burn out during their business trips. Unfortunately, finding the time for a power nap, especially when you’re stressed from a recently-ended meeting or presentation, can be tough.

Cut Stress during Executive Travel is a vital part of being able to take power naps because a chauffeured car allows you to use your commutes to your own advantage. While many executives opt to get extra work done during their commutes, an equal number of them love to use the time in their chauffeured car to doze off for a few minutes.

Lack of sleep is a common complaint of many executive travelers; find time for a few cat naps throughout your busy day and watch your stress levels decrease and your productivity increase.


If a power nap is simply not in the cards with your business travel schedule, it is vitally important that you get enough sleep when it is time to hit the sheets. Many business travelers find their hotel room to be an unsatisfactory environment for the deep, restful sleep their bodies demand. Select a hotel chain that offers the beds and bedding that you’ve found most comfortable in the past. Additionally, try your best to get a room that isn’t near the elevators or ice or vending machines; always have a sleep mask and comfortable ear plugs to ensure that you can get the deep sleep you need, no matter the time of day, and always have your favorite music on hand if you need a nudge to quickly doze off.


You might not realize it, but uncomfortable clothing can be a huge, unconscious stress for the traveling business person. From sitting for hours on plane and in long meetings to weathering stressful client introductions to making presentations, the effects of ill-fitting or uncomfortable material in your clothing can put a real damper on your business trip attitude.

Select your clothing carefully, make sure that the fabrics are agreeable for long-wear, and that the fit of your clothes comfortably allows for hours of sitting. The last thing you want during your business trip is to be distracted by pants that are too tight or fabric that’s itchy.

Your business travel should be as streamlined as possible. Finding time to relax is an important part of staying on track and doing your best job every time you travel.

Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net/ponsuwan