When it comes to summertime, there are tons of occasions when booking

service is more than appropriate.

Whether you’re planning a fun night out on the town with your closest friends or a trip to your favorite vacation destination with your family, there are occasions when driving yourself simply won’t do.

Maybe you’ve got a special occasion coming up this summer, and you’re wondering whether or not to book chauffeured car service.

There are certainly a few occasions when booking chauffeured car service is more than appropriate, and to help you narrow it down, we’ve compiled a list of occasions when it’s simply the best answer to your transportation conundrum.


The end of spring and beginning of summer often signals the once-in-a-lifetime occasion of high school graduation. High school seniors from all over the country are getting their diplomas and venturing out into the world, independent for the very first time. This milestone in a teenager’s life certainly calls for a celebration, and that celebration demands chauffeured car service.

If you happen to be planning the graduation celebration for your teenager, booking the right limousine is a huge part of the event’s success. You want your teenager to have safe transportation for each and every stage of their night, and when it comes to celebrating an event as important as high school graduation, only the most pristine vehicle will do. Get the peace of mind that a professional chauffeur provides, and give your teen the flash and pizzazz of a high-end vehicle.


Summertime is wedding season, and booking the right chauffeured transportation is a vital part of having the wedding ceremony that you deserve. Whether you desire a traditional Lincoln Town Car, a classic stretch limousine or something with a little more pizzazz, finding the right car can make your before and after-wedding experience much more pleasant. When you have a professional chauffeur to handle each step of your commute, as well as your getaway when the reception is over, you provide yourself with peace of mind and absolute convenience throughout your wedding experience.


It’s no secret that wine tastings are one of the most enjoyable summer activities. You can experience the beautiful environment of a vineyard, and try a variety of wines, perhaps even making a purchase or two. One thing you’ll need when you’ve indulged in a wine tasting, however, is safe transportation back home when the tasting ends. Many people don’t think about the importance of reliable transportation when they plan a wine tasting, but if you want to be completely prepared for your experience, having a chauffeured vehicle or limousine available to get you there and take you home at the end of the day is vital.


When it comes to summertime, outdoor concerts are a-plenty. Not only will you get to see some of your favorite artists perform, many summer concerts are free of charge, which means you can bring your own seats and your own beverages to the event.

Unfortunately, finding your way to the outdoor concert venue might be difficult, and certainly, the effort of getting home afterwards, especially if you’ve been drinking, is a big hassle. Booking a chauffeured car is the most reasonable answer to your need for transportation during your summer concert experience.

You’ll have someone to pick you up, whisk you to the venue and get you home again without a hint of worry or confusion. You can enjoy your concert and indulge in as many beverages you please without the responsibility of driving hanging over your head.

Summer time is a time of activity, from wine tastings to concerts to special events with family and friends. Having the right transportation in place to ensure that everyone gets from place to place safely and easily is vital to your enjoyment of your summertime experiences in 2014.

photo credit: A Guy Taking Pictures via photopin cc