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Planning a vacation can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of the year—after all, you work long hours and balance the demands of a full-time professional career with the demands of your family life. It can be exhausting! A vacation is a perfect solution to burn-out, exhaustion, and disillusionment; it provides you with an escape and a place to re-charge.

Planning a great vacation doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process, however. There are easy ways to find the information you need and the prices you want to pay without making it a part-time job.

Technology has done a lot to simplify the process of planning a great vacation, notably when it comes to apps and mobile capabilities of smartphones. Here are a few easy ways to plan your vacation from the convenience of your mobile device.


Air travel is inevitable for a huge portion of vacationers, and though the airport is far from an oasis of relaxation and comfort, you do have the ability to find a flight that doesn’t gouge your bank account or add unnecessary hours to your travel time. Check out these great flight booking apps to make this process easier:

  • Seat Guru (free, available on Android and iOS): For the discerning air traveler, Seat Guru gives you access to the airplane seat maps of over 300 airlines, helping you find the flight that best meets your specifications. You can shop flights, store flight information and read user comments, as well.
  • Kayak (free, available on Android, iOS, Windows, Kindle): Considered the #1 mobile travel app, Kayak will help you surf flight prices for hundreds of travel sites, making price comparisons a cinch. Once you’ve booked, you can track your flight’s status through the app and stay up-to-date on delays, cancellations or other changes.
  • Hipmunk (free, available on Android, iOS): Hipmunk specializes in helping travelers find the flights they need at the best prices; they also specialize in helping travelers find the least “agonizing” flights, sorting results by price, length of flight, and number of stops/layovers.


Whether you’re booking at the last minute or not, the hunt for a great hotel is a central concern for vacationers. Fortunately, there are apps that offer the ability to surf locations, read reviews, and compare prices and amenities–you just have to find the app that’s best for you. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Hotel Tonight (free, available on Android, iOS): Scour this app for hotels that have last-minute rooms available. You can score discounts on your lodging or find 4 and 5-star accommodations for cheaper than usual.
  • Trivago (free, available on Android, iOS): Trivago lets you search hotels on multiple databases, effectively creating instant price-comparisons and helping you find the best accommodations for the best price.
  • Expedia (free, available on Android, iOS): This can help you price compare and find hotels with the amenities you want, and enables instant booking so you won’t miss out on the hotel of your choice.


Relying on taxis or cabs during your vacation is not the best idea if you’re looking for reliability, punctuality, and quality of service.

Executive Ground Transportation offers a great experience for the vacationers who utilize our services to handle their trips; we also understand the importance of offering a convenient, easy-to-use method for researching and acquiring our services.

That’s why we developed our handy mobile app.

With our app, you can link your account for easy billing, make reservations in a matter of minutes and keep track of the status of your trip. It’s the perfect option for busy vacationers who just want an easy way to get reliable, punctual car service and a professional chauffeur to handle the headaches of driving.

Your vacation is about relaxing; with these great apps on hand, you can make reservations, choose the hotel and flight that best suits your needs, and get on to the business of relaxing and unwinding.