Planning and executing a business trip takes some serious energy, and for many of us, it’s a stressful process. Car service can make your entire trip more enjoyable.

Getting to the airport on time for a flight is one of the biggest business trip struggles. Relying on cabs, rides from friends, long or short-term parking, and other improvisations can cause delays in arriving at the airport–which can have major negative effects on the entire trip.

Traveling out of New York’s airports means a serious amount of congestion to contend with.

Fortunately, there is a better way to get to LaGuardia, JFK, Newark, or Long Island airports: car service.


Parking at airports is a hassle, between parking far away–or even not being able to find an open lot. After you park, finding a shuttle station to take you to luggage check and security can be time consuming, and following that, you’ll have to do even more walking.

With car service, your chauffeur will drive you right to your airline’s check in at departures. You just have to hop out, grab your luggage, and head straight to bag check. You won’t have to worry with a long walk from parking the shuttle station, and will save time and energy.



Navigating to the airport is a stressful and time consuming afair. Dealing with ever-changing New York traffic and unfamiliar streets can make it nearly impossible to make it on time for your flight.

With car service, you won’t have to worry about navigation at all. Your chauffeur will handle every turn, shortcut, and route choice. You’ll get to relax in the back seat and focus on the business trip ahead–or even make business calls and reply to emails.



Customer service is the real difference you’ll see between taking a cab or ride-sharing service and opting for a reputable, trustworthy New York car service.

Your chauffeur will be attentive to all of your needs during your time in their vehicle. From providing you with bottled water to helping you with your bags, to having pre-chosen routes and being uniquely aware of traffic conditions, your chauffeur will provide you with a level of service that you won’t find with other transportation options.

Hiring car service to handle your commute to the airport will help cut down on frustration, effort, and time, and will give your business trip a great start.

Photo Credit: m01229