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Many people dream of having that perfect date night, full of delicious food, great entertainment, and of course, precious time with their significant other. One thing that can be a challenge, however, is finding ways to make your next date night unique and memorable when the same old song-and-dance of dinner and movie can get so tiring.

If you’re lucky enough to be planning a date on Long Island, there are more than enough options for building the date night that is comfortable, stress-free, and most of all, memorable. The first step to creating an especially wonderful date night is to book a Long Island limousine; not only will you be relieved of the responsibilities of driving and parking, but you will be able to simply enjoy the company of your significant other throughout your commute to the restaurant, theater or anywhere else.

If you aren’t sure where to go once you’re in your limousine, take a look at our list of favorite date-night activities on Long Island.


If you’re looking for a new way to be entertained on your date night, and don’t want to settle for simply seeing a new thriller at the multiplex, consider stopping in at one of Long Island’s premiere playhouses, the Bay Street Theatre. The Theatre is a not-for-profit theater that seats just under 300 and shows all kinds of fun productions, as well as hosting film festivals. Check out the Theatre’s website for more info on upcoming shows and events so you can plan ahead.


Considered one of Long Island’s most romantic destinations for dinner, Zenkichi will offer unforgettable ambiance and amazing Japanese cuisine. With over 7 years under its belt as one of the premiere Asian and fine-dining restaurants on Long Island, Zenkichi is the kind of restaurant that couples try once and come back to time and again, whether the occasion is special or not. With its diverse menu and beautiful atmosphere, it makes for the perfect centerpiece for a romantic night out on Long Island.


If you weren’t aware, Long Island has one of the most impressive modern art scenes in the country and offers visitors tons of both well-know national galleries and independent gems. The Nassau County Museum of Art is one of the largest suburban art collections in the country and is located just 25 miles outside of New York City. Current exhibits include artist Peter Max and Aftermodernism.

The Hecksher Museum of Art in Huntington, New York is another of our favorite destinations for serious art indulgence. With collections that range from dates as far back as the 16th century all the way up to modern art, the Hecksher has something for every kind of art lover and is sure to make your romantic night out all the more interesting.

Long Island is becoming one of the best destinations in the country for an unconventional date night. From the art museums to the theaters to the vibrancy of its atmosphere, you are guaranteed a night of adventure and fun when you have your date night on Long Island.

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