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3 NYC St. Patrick's Day Pub Celebrations

Posted by Executive Limousine on Mar 9, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Everyone gets to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, and what better place to celebrate than New York? Few cities celebrate the holiday better than New York.

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Plan Your Winter Weekend in the Hamptons

Posted by Executive Limousine on Feb 16, 2017 9:00:00 AM

There are few things more "American" than summer in the Hamptons. But you don't have to be a life-long Long Islander to associate the phrase with morning mimosas, soft shell crab, bike rides, salty air and a tan that lingers into fall. During summer months, the Hamptons is the place to be.

But don't underestimate the magic of winter in the Hamptons. Winter is prime time for a weekend trip to the beach. Spend your evening snuggled up by an oceanside bonfire, take long walks on the beach and score deals that are simply unheard of during the warmer months -- and you'll get to do it without having to fight the crowds that flock en masse May through September.

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4 Best Date Night Restaurants on Long Island

Posted by Executive Limousine on Aug 11, 2016 1:15:00 PM

Want to enjoy an unforgettable dinner with that special someone? Take a trip to Long Island, and you and your date can sample unbelievable cuisine at many fine restaurants throughout the area.

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The 5 Best Places to Eat Near Citi Field

Posted by Executive Limousine on Jun 28, 2016 8:00:00 AM

This blog was originally published in 2013; we have since updated it to reflect the most current and accurate information possible. 

Preparing to check out a New York Mets game at Citi Field?

Although there are many wonderful treats to enjoy at the ballpark, you may want to grab a bite to eat before or after the game,

There are plenty of places near the field that offer great food and drinks:


Shake Shack

12301 Roosevelt Avenue, Corona, NY

For traditional American fare at its best, Shake Shack represents an outstanding choice that diners of all ages can enjoy. 

Shake Shack serves hamburgers, French fries and, of course, milkshakes, all of which are prepared to order and of the highest quality.

Plus, this restaurant is only minutes from Citi Field.

Enjoy a hunger-satisfying meal before or after any Mets game at Shake Shack – you'll be happy you did! 


Blue Smoke

At Citi Field

Blue Smoke raises the bar for restaurants near Citi Field, and for good reason. It celebrates the American South and its culinary traditions, providing a wide range of Southern cuisine that is sure to leave you breathless.

At Blue Smoke, you can enjoy everything from Alabama white wings to baby back ribs. You can also get sweet, awe-inspiring desserts such as chocolate cake and key lime pie.

Treat yourself to a superior meal prior to or following a Mets contest at Blue Smoke, an outstanding restaurant that ranks among the best dining venues near Citi Field.


Pine Bar & Restaurant

37-10 114th Street, Corona, NY

Located within the Holiday Inn LaGuardia Airport Hotel, Pine Bar & Restaurant provides an amazing choice for those who want to dine in a comfortable, stylish setting.

Pine specializes in family-style Italian cuisine and offers a large array of tasty dishes. It also provides complimentary finger foods during weekend happy hours, hosts karaoke on Friday nights and boasts a sophisticated cocktail lounge.


Presso Coffee

133-42 39th Avenue, Queens, NY

Less than a mile from Citi Field, Presso Coffee serves unbelievable waffles, toast, sandwiches and much more, ensuring that you can sample a vast array of top-notch cuisine any time you choose.

In addition, Presso offers superior coffee and a comfortable setting, enabling you to hang out with friends at a relaxing dining venue before or after any Mets contest.

No trip to Presso would be complete without some of its famous mason jar pudding or gelato, either.


Tortilleria Nixtamal

104-5 47th Avenue, Corona, NY

Sample superb Mexican cuisine during your trip to or from a Mets game at Tortilleria Nixtamal.

This restaurant serves tacos, tamales and other Mexican favorites, making it easy to enjoy your very own fiesta.

Tortilleria Nixtamal also produces 100 percent fresh corn tortillas consistently. Therefore, you can try fresh tortillas and other high-quality Mexican eats whenever you visit.


Choose Executive Limousine for Your Citi Field Transportation

Getting to a Mets game or any of the top restaurants near Citi Field can be extremely challenging, particularly for those who choose to drive into the city.

On a Mets game day, a typical driver will encounter a lot of traffic around Citi Field. The costs to park near the stadium can be expensive, and there are no guarantees that you'll be able to find parking close to the stadium as well.

 Instead, you can simplify your ground transportation plans by hiring one of the area's top chauffeured car services – Executive Limousine.

At Executive, our team boasts extensive industry experience and will do whatever it can to ensure that you can reach Citi Field on time for any Mets game. 

We even supply a large selection of luxury vehicles that includes:

Luxury Sedans – Ideal for up to three passengers, our luxury sedans are both sleek and comfortable.

  • SUVs – Our SUVs offer plenty of leg room and luggage space and will enable you to enjoy a comfortable ride at any time.
  • Limousines – Travel like a VIP to a Mets game by booking a trip in one of our dazzling limos.

Executive is dedicated to its clientele, and as such, we will do everything we can to transform an ordinary Mets game day into an unforgettable experience.

Contact Executive Transportation to learn more about our services or to make your game-day reservation!

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A Night Out at the Barclays Center

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The 5 Best Brooklyn Restaurants With Private Party Rooms

Posted by Executive Limousine on Feb 4, 2016 8:05:00 AM

This blog was originally published in February of 2013; as of January of 2016, it has been updated to reflect the most current and accurate information. 

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7 Tips on How to Focus and Work in JFK Airport

Posted by Executive Limousine on Jan 30, 2013 8:05:00 AM

Work Well Anywhere

It’s no secret to the road warrior that business travel can destroy productivity. Even the most seasoned travelers can find themselves struggling to focus in unfamiliar environments like sedan service, the airport terminal, or even the hotel room. When you factor in the inevitable truths that sleep patterns can be significantly disrupted and food eaten on the go isn’t always healthy, you can find yourself tired, stressed, and behind on your to-do list. While executive chauffeured transportation to JFK airport gives you the quiet and wireless access you need to get work done, what can you do if your mind can’t stay on track?

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5 North Fork Vineyards to Host Your Winter Wine Tasting

Posted by Executive Limousine on Jan 25, 2013 8:05:00 AM

Long Island Limo Wine Tours

Spending a Saturday touring Long Island’s North Fork wineries during the summer months has become a tradition for most Long Islanders. The New York Times has reported on the rising popularity of the region’s vineyards for both tourists and locals alike. According to the newspaper, the crowds have become nearly as much a part of the experience as sipping sauvignon blanc.

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5 Reasons Why Monthly Date Nights are Mandatory

Posted by Executive Limousine on Jan 23, 2013 8:05:00 AM

Long Island Limo Dates

We’ve all met that couple once or twice in our lives. That pair of people who have monthly or bi-weekly date nights on their collective calendar, and maintain the commitment almost without exception. For the rest of us, it’s easy to push off spending time reconnecting. Between surviving 40-hour work weeks and spending time with the kids, taking an evening to reserve a table at a restaurant and Long Island limo service can seem pretty low priority. However, the latest science indicates that date nights might matter more than you think.

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You've Earned a Girl's Night Out on Long Island!

Posted by Executive Limousine on Jan 21, 2013 8:05:00 AM

Our Favorite Destinations on LI

Mothers have the amazing ability to juggle a million things at once. You get the kids ready for school. You spend eight hours a day at work. You come home and get things ready for the next day, and then you do it all over again. For that alone, you deserve a medal, or at least a few hours to spend away from your family enjoying your girlfriends. If one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2013 was to spend more time on yourself, getting a girls’ night out on the calendar for January or February is a step in the right direction.

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5 Destinations for March Madness by New York Limo Service

Posted by Executive Limousine on Jan 18, 2013 8:05:00 AM

Planning the Perfect Madness

Few cities do March Madness like New York. Men and women alike come alive, using the New York Madness app (FanMor) to plan an elaborate social schedule. Homebodies become bar flies, and everyone is suddenly immersed in designing the perfect brackets. Maybe you’re planning on catching nearly every game throughout the month. Or maybe you’re planning just one night with friends to watch your alma mater. Either way, there’s no shortage of places to enjoy a flat-screen television, a pitcher of domestic beer, and a plate of wings.

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