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New York City’s Best Rooftop Bars

New York Limousine

Rooftop Bars for Those Looking for a Different Night Out

New York City is famous for many things: historic landmarks, constant movement, world class dining and some of the most beautiful architecture in the world. Not only is a world-class destination for business, cuisine, culture, fashion and sightseeing, it offers endless options for fun and entertainment.

Fall Festivals on Long Island: Where to Spend Your Fall

Long Island limo

Do You Have the Perfect Autumn Experience Planned Yet?

Summer of 2014 is drawing to a close, and for many of us, that means looking forward to the colors, festivals, celebrations and food that symbolize autumn. Autumn is many people’s favorite season for good reason: gone is the heat and humidity of summer, and it’s replaced with a more temperate and stunningly gorgeous landscape. The colors of autumn are the highlight of the year for many of us, and if you live on New York’s Long Island, you get one of the most vibrant displays of fall foliage in the country.

5 Best Websites for Executives

executive travel

Use Your Time Wisely: Read Up on the These Executive-Friendly Websites

For executives, especially those who are constantly traveling for business, it can be difficult to allot time to studying and researching topics pertinent to their business. If you’re a busy executive, you probably know exactly the time crunch of which we speak, where you have a back log of great articles to read but you never get around to them because you simply can’t find the time.

Environmentally Friendly Event Planning

Long Island Limo Bus

Cut Down on Your Environmental Impact with Your Next Event

As new research has suggested that our planet is in serious need of our help, many business owners have found ways to improve their attention to the state of the planet and have encouraged their employees to do the same. When it comes to the demands of event planning, you’ll need to make a special effort to incorporate environmentally-friendly practices while still keeping your guests happy and entertained.

Best Carry-Ons for Executive Travel

Executive Travel

Are You Prepared for Executive Travel with the Perfect Carry-On?

Ah, executive travel: the world of pressed schedules, unreliable transportation and a constant balancing of exhaustion and long meetings. Add in the stressful element of airport navigation, and you’ve got a cocktail for burnout. Fortunately, for many executive travelers, there are easy ways to improve their experience. Finding and booking car service with a reliable, reputable company is among the first steps. Finding ways to make the airport experience easier is also important.

Executive Travel Tips: Female Executives

executive travel

Be Prepared for Your Solo Business Trip

For women travelers of all ages and types, safety is among the first priority when planning a trip. Not only do female travelers face more danger when traveling alone than do men, they contend with an entire additional set of precautions before they can even dream about boarding their plane.

Executive Struggles: Get More Out of Your Conference

executive travel

Are You Guilty of These Conference Missteps?

The business world requires a lot of its members. From business trips and business dinners to meetings with prospective clients and a general lack of sleep, being constantly on the go can take its toll before you even realize, leaving you burned out and unable to focus on the important aspects of your job.

5 Occasions to Book a Long Island Limo

Long Island limo

Don’t Be Without a Limo When You Need One

There are times in our lives when we simply need someone else to drive us to our destinations. Whether it’s because we’ve had too much to drink, we’re celebrating a huge milestone in our lives or we need the most efficient method of transportation to get from point A to point B, there are a few choice moments when we simply need someone else behind the wheel.

Why Air Travel is Tougher Than Ever

executive travel

Executive Travel: Getting Worse as Time Goes By?

If you’re a professional who travels for business on a regular basis, you probably know the particular ills of the airport. From getting bags checked to waiting in line at security to getting the middle seat between a screaming baby and someone who snores, you know how miserable a flight can be, especially when you have business matters on your mind and the distractions are making it impossible to work efficiently.

Your Best Long Island Weekend: North Fork Wineries

Long Island car service

Why Not Visit a Winery This Fall?

As summer winds down and autumn quickly approaches, many of us are gearing up for the perfect weekend getaway, a great night out or simple afternoon activity to enjoy with our closest friends and family. Luckily, if you live on or near Long Island, there are tons of great ways to pass the time, get out of doors to experience the gorgeous autumn foliage and make memories with your friends and loved ones.

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