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Your Perfect Fall Wedding on Long Island

Long Island car service

Venues, Car Service and Long Island Perfection

Fall weddings have so much potential; from color schemes, locations, exceptional transportation and beautiful weather, there is plenty to look forward to about planning your wedding for one of the colorful, temperate months autumn. If you’re planning your fall wedding for the Long Island area, you have so many options for great locales, from rustic venues straight out of your Pinterest dreams to gorgeous, traditional venues that will make every bride feel like the princess she is. Long Island has something for every couple, no matter their fall wedding plans. We’ve outlined a few of our favorite autumn wedding venues to help you narrow down your list.

Why You Need Car Service from JFK

JFK Airport Car Service

New York’s JFK Airport: How Car Service Can Help

Whether you’re flying into New York for business or leisure, you know how stressful the airport experience can be. Especially if you’re unprepared, have to check a bag, or are otherwise unfamiliar with the airport’s layout, flying into New York can turn into a nightmare.

Your Broadway Theatre Experience in NYC

New York Car Service

Car Service, the Best Shows, and Memories Galore

When it comes to planning a summer date night in New York City, few things can compare to the magic of a Broadway show. Not only is Broadway theatre one of the Big Apple’s most well-known forms of entertainment, it’s a great way to make your significant other feel special on a big night out.

A Great Night Out at the Barclays Center

new york car service

Car Service and a Great Meal Near the Barclays Center

Experiencing the great city of New York can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. From finding a great hotel in a great location to filling your itinerary with some of your favorite spots in the city, your trip to New York can require a balancing act of epic proportions.

The Best Day Trip to NYC: Car Service and Fun

new york car service

Looking for a Great Summer Day Trip to the Big Apple?

As the summer wears on, you might be on the lookout for ideas for things to do with your kids to keep them entertained and your sanity intact. Whether it’s taking them to a public pool, a water park, or a scenic park, the outdoors offer tons of opportunity for you and your family to have fun.

Best Places to Get Beer After a Jets Game

New Jersey Car Service

East Rutherford Hotspots for Great Brews

With the brand new season of NFL football on the near horizon, many of you are looking for ways to enjoy your Jets experience outside of MetLife stadium. While it’s true that few things can rival the satisfaction a Jets fan feels when their team takes home a victory, it’s also true that there are great destinations in East Rutherford, New Jersey that can turn your after-game experience into a Jets fan’s paradise.

Travel Hacks for the Executive Road Warrior

Executive Travel

Don’t Let Your Business Travel Schedule Be a Drag

The world of business travel is rarely streamlined; between juggling airport commutes, flights, delays, unreliable rental cars and the general confusion of trying to navigate a foreign city, you have a cocktail for frustrations galore. Fortunately, many constant business travelers find ways to make their travel experience bearable. From flight-booking and finding a great hotel to choosing the right car service, true road warriors have tons of tricks up their sleeve for streamlining business travel. Here are a few of the best travel hacks for those executive travelers who are struggling through the mire.

Chauffeur Versus Driver: Do You Know the Difference?

Long Island Car Service

Why You Should Never Settle for a Mere Driver

In the world of executive travel, finding reliable transportation for all stages of a trip is an important part of productivity, peace of mind and overall morale. When you have to search extensively for a car service company that can provide you with the customer service, quality of vehicles and overall experience that you need and deserve, it can put a dent in your focus and really affect the outcome of your trip.

Best Brooklyn Destinations for Executive Retreats

New York Car Service

Team Work, Fun and Corporate Retreats in Brooklyn

Working in an office all day, every day can take a toll on your creativity, productivity and overall happiness. Working in an isolated environment can make team work next to impossible when collaborative projects arrive, mostly because you aren’t accustomed to even being around your co-workers, let alone working with them in a close environment. These types of workplace situations are what make corporate retreats so beneficial for companies and employees. Not only does a corporate retreat give you the opportunity to really connect with your fellow workers and build actual, lasting camaraderie, it also gives you the chance to break out of the normal office mold and expand your professional horizons.

New York Airport Tips: Staying Safe

airport car service

Do You Have a Safety Routine?

For those of us who travel for business on a regular basis, we understand the various snares and dangers that exist for us on the road. From theft and assault to getting lost in foreign environments, business travel poses several risks and being prepared for those is risks is an important way to get through each trip unscathed.

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