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5 Can’t-Miss Events in New Jersey This Spring

new jersey car service

Fill Up Your Spring Calendar Now

When springtime finally arrives, especially after a long and difficult winter, many people are more than ready to get back out into nature and experience the warm weather and the new greenery.

What Not To Do When Planning Your Wedding

wedding transportation

Wedding Day Disasters: What to Avoid

A wedding is rarely a straightforward affair; in fact, the planning process can cause a ton of confusion, stress and chaos, and might cause some less efficient planners to lose their cool.

5 Ways to Keep Stress in Check During Corporate Travel

corporate travel

Stress Awareness Month: Take Care of Yourself

When the majority of people hear the words “corporate traveler,” there are likely some visuals that come to mind.

5 Ways to Show Appreciation on Administrative Assistant's Day

chauffeured car service

Serious Gratitude for Your Awesome Executive Assistant

There are many things in your business life that you couldn’t do without. Perhaps it’s your smartphone, your laptop or your team of colleagues that keeps you going. Maybe it’s an in-office espresso machine, afternoon naps or flexible hours.

Best Bets for Events this Spring in NYC

limousine new york city

Your Event Schedule for The Big Apple in the Spring

New York City in the springtime is a place of wonder, with blooming flowers, warming weather and people emerging from their winter hiding places to enjoy the beauty of the city once again.

5 Ideas for the Perfect Anniversary Present

anniversary limo

Don’t Settle for Boring This Year

An anniversary is one of the most important occasions in a couple’s life together. It’s a time when they can come together to appreciate all of the magical firsts they have experienced together, as well as celebrate another year spent as one another’s partner.

Cut Stress During Executive Travel

corporate travel

Stress Less and Enjoy Better Corporate Travel

Traveling for business comes with plenty of built-in stressors for executives: the lack of control over flight schedules, overcrowded terminals, and the insanity of navigating an unfamiliar city in an unfamiliar rental car are just the tip of the iceberg. Your executive travel experience doesn’t have to be so stressful, though; doing a little extra research and putting in a few extra minutes of preparation time can ensure that your executive travel life is as “smooth sailing” as possible. Here are a few tips for cutting the stress during your next executive travel experience.

The Top Outdoor Music Events in NYC This Summer

ny car service

Make a Night of NYC’s Outdoor Music Scene

Summertime can bring some of the most magical experiences, whether it’s the vacation you’ve been planning for months or impromptu gatherings with your closest friends. Whether you enjoy traveling throughout the summer months or prefer to explore the special summer events around your own hometown, you’re sure to have some experiences that you cherish throughout the year.

The Top 5 NYC Destinations for Your Bachelorette Party

bachelorette limo

New York City’s Best Bachelorette Party Stops

If you’re planning a wedding, you know how stressful and crazy your schedule can get, with meeting with wedding planners, potential caterers, finding bridesmaids dresses and getting the right transportation in line for the big day. It’s no surprise that most brides really look forward to their bachelorette parties; after all, it is one of the last times you can get together with your closest friends for a night of fun and revelry before the big day.

The 5 Best Summer Broadway Shows in NYC

limousine nyc

Get Into the Broadway Spirit in NYC This Summer

Springtime is here and for many people that means one thing: a new season of Broadway Shows in New York City. A vacation to the Big Apple can be a great way to re-charge your batteries and take in one of these award-winning plays.

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